Crystal Gee (crystalgee) wrote,
Crystal Gee

I took over 17,000 steps today!!

I got my 15,000 steps badge from Fitbit. WOOOHOO!!

*ahem* I will write more about my day but there's something I want to ask. As some of you know Chad got me a dalek dress for my birthday in size M. It fits well and hugs my curves but part of me wonders if this 50 year old should wear something form fitting. There is a part of me that wants to celebrate the curves but watching shows talk about "age appropriate".
So is it too tight or perfect? Thoughts?

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I think it fits you absolutely fine, and if you feel good in it, that's what's important!
Thanks for the input. When I put it on I noticed bulges and was afraid of being the 50 year old trying to look younger. However with tights it worked fine..and I have seen people in fandom wear outlandish stuff. So I'm going for it!
I say it fits you perfectly. You look great in it. How do you feel in it? If the answer is "Great" then there's your answer.


February 13 2014, 02:40:29 UTC 4 years ago Edited:  February 13 2014, 02:41:55 UTC

Thank you! I think I had a silly moment of "OMG this fits the curves" when I should say "OMG I got curves.

Gads, that sounds like bragging or shaming and it's not. I wasn't fishing for compliments but had a doubt in my mind.
You didn't sound like that at all. You should be proud of your curves!!

In-cred-a-ble. In-cred-a-ble. IN-CRED-A-BLE.

*falls down stairs*
Thank you!
Looks perfectly fine to me.